Lydia Nelson
"The place in which you discover true happiness is where you least expect it." - Unknown


Who is the girl who loves to write? Who is the imaginer who likes to hike within the trees and who dreams of traveling to Europe, Russia, and Africa? She is the one who loves the Lord with all her heart and who loves to play her guitar named Peaches.  She loves to read and she often loses herself within one of her many books.  She loves to photograph the beautiful things that life has to offer, such as human emotion, animals, and the nature that surrounds them.  She is a nerd who is obsessed with many nerd-related topics, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and any Marvel movie in existence.  She adores anything medieval-related and she loves to watch action films.  Technology is her best friend and she is an aspiring graphic designer and photographer.  Golf is her favorite sport to play.  She is a person who tends to ramble about random subjects and she talks a bit too much sometimes.  She collects comics and nerd memorabilia.  She loves to sketch and she is always up for a good adventure.  Animals are her children and her favorites are dogs, hedgehogs, horses, and cats.  Her favorite pastimes are sketching, reading, kayaking, exploring, drinking tea, sleeping, and hanging out with her friends.  She is, and always will be, the true heir to the throne of the nerds.

Lydia Nelson, Staff Writer

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