Golf, Volleyball, and the Importance of Learning

Getting to know Carterville High School's newest teachers

Megan Horner and Teresa Pender, Staff Writers

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It is a fundamentally well-known fact that schools are made up of two essential components: the teachers and the students. Carterville High School is widely known for its students; creativity, intelligence, and tenacity are nouns frequently used to describe them. However, it is silently acknowledged by the students that if not for the phenomenal support from the its teachers, CHS would not be as outstanding as it is today.

CHS is proud to introduce its two newest English teachers and coaches, Holland Hempen and Jenny Donohue. In addition to English, Ms. Donohue teaches High School Publications and coaches the girls golf team. When asked what she most hopes to accomplish as a coach, she replied, “I hope to share my knowledge of the game with the players in hopes that they will love the game as much as I do!” It is definitely important for a coach to have such an amazing attitude toward her sport!

Ms. Hempen, too, is a new coach. Coaching the volleyball team, she says, is a way for her to give back. Fortunately, her enthusiasm is not just limited to volleyball. When asked what she most hopes to accomplish as an english teacher at CHS, she replied, “I hope to make a difference in everyone’s lives… I hope to change the way they [my students] think about learning, to create kids who want to learn.” CHS is lucky to have two new teachers with such dedication as a part of its staff!


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Golf, Volleyball, and the Importance of Learning