Advice Corner

Alyssa Leaply and Zakaria Jackson, Staff Writers

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What are a few tips you have for incoming high school students?    


While there are a lot of things that newcomers need to know, I have three major tips. My first tip is to not let what others think of you get to your head. Keeping your head high and not letting other opinions affect you will make a big difference throughout high school and you will be much happier. My second tip for all of the “newbies”, is to study for tests and turn in your homework on time. Bombing test after test will not only hurt your grade, but it will all pile up and cause an overload of stress. My last tip that needs to be stressed is to give yourself time to rest and relax. While you want to be successful with academics, overworking yourself will eventually break you down.


How do you balance homework and extracurricular activities?


The most important way to balance it all is to use study hall wisely. If you take the time in study hall to do all of your work, or even most of it, you won’t have to worry as much after you are done with your extracurricular activity. Another way to keep it all balanced is to use time in class wisely. When a teacher gives you time in class to start your homework, you should take the whole time doing your work. Getting a head start on your homework can lift some pressure off your shoulders, when having to do an activity after school. Using time in class can also be good for people who don’t have a study hall, by allowing them to complete at least part of the homework.