New Field: New Experiences


On April 9, Freshman Molly Robertson kicks the ball for the Carterville High School soccer team.

Alyssa Nausley, Staff Writer

The girl’s soccer team got a new field at Carterville High School on March 29. They changed fields because the new turf was put down and had soccer lines on it. The Cannon Park field was good but it was hard to play on. Carterville girls soccer team has now had 4-5 games on their new field. During the first game on the new field, they won 3-1 against Sikeston. 

“We moved from Cannon Park to the turf field at CHS when the turf field was resurfaced.  The new turf has soccer lines on it, so we bought goals and are now able to play official matches there.  The grass field at Cannon Park is big enough but the quality of play there is a bit poor as the surface is very lumpy” says Coach Lennox.

Playing on the new field was an awesome experience. The surface is fantastic to play on. On winning, we were playing really well throughout the game. Connecting passes and just playing concise altogether. The girls are very supportive and are always trying to get the ball to you. It was pretty exciting to win the game, mostly because of the way we played. It was one of the better games for us” says Freshman Molly Robertson. 

Playing on the new field and winning all in one day can be really exciting.

Senior Sydney Stuck said “With playing on a new field that’s never been played on it just feels comfortable. It’s easier on the body compared to our old field at cannon. Playing on the new field also makes the team feel better as we can move the ball better and quicker. My tips for the new ladies to join the team is to always come prepared, always bring tennis shoes, cleats, shin guards, and the correct training jerseys. Also, just to have fun and be a family as it will strengthen the team as a whole. Enjoy your time as Carterville athlete because it will not last forever.”

Altogether, it has been a good season for all the girls. They have won most of their games and they are continuing to do a great job.