A Sit-Down with Bella Mavigliano

A Sit-Down with Bella Mavigliano

Jaycie Johnson, Sports Reporting

Senior Bella Mavigliano has contributed to the Carterville Volleyball program for over seven years from the Junior High and High School team. She led the Lions to the Super-Sectionals this season with 301 digs, 377 assists, and 376 kills. In addition to her statistical leadership, she was the Marion Tournament MVP,  Fairfield Invitational MVP, SIRR Preview All-Tournament, and was on the Southern Illinois River-To-River All-Conference team. This all began during Mavigliano’s freshman year when she started varsity as a setter and immediately made a positive impact on the team. We took some time to pick her brain on what her final thoughts towards her Carterville Volleyball career.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

I’ve learned this year how to keep composure while being on the court in high-stress situations. I tell myself in those situations to be smart and make a play…I don’t have to bang the ball on the ground to get a point or make an amazing set. I just have to keep it simple and go back to the basics.

What were your thoughts as you were told you were starting your freshman year?

I was super excited and nervous. I did not want to disappoint any of my teammates or my sister. When I got on the court though most of them reassured me especially my sister and that built my confidence.

Did your success cause any conflicts with the upperclassmen that you played with?

Yes. It was tough coming in as a freshman and playing over girls who had been there for 3 or 4 years.

Did your playing time affect your relationships with any of your teammates?

Yes, I didn’t have many good relationships with the upperclassman I was playing over.

How did starting as a freshman prepare you for last season?

Having so much varsity experience taught me how to stand up and have the courage to make and execute tough plays in dire situations

Do you honestly think you earned your spot at the time, more than others?

Yes I worked hard every day and executed better on the court

Did you feel like the expectations of you were higher or lower as a freshman?

I felt that it was higher knowing that many other older players were wanting my spot. I felt like I couldn’t give them a reason to say that they should be playing over me. I felt like my spot was more vulnerable bc I was a freshman. 

How did it feel to play volleyball with your sister? Did that make things easier or harder for you on and off the court?

I’ve always looked up to my sister and she has been a huge role model to me in my volleyball career. I adored how she handled herself and how encouraging she was to me. I didn’t know if I was going to get to play with her but I’m so thankful o got that unique opportunity. She made it easier bc we could communicate much better than the other girls on the team. She helped me grow as a player and helped me with confidence on the court.