The Art Club Always Delivers!

Eire Saturn Armstrong, Staff Writer

Jennifer Zhang (9) painting a cereal box to look like a book (Eire Armstrong).

Carterville High School’s very own Art Club is back in full swing this year. A year has gone by without it, and every member is eager to get back into their projects. This time around, the project is props for the Fall Play, Pygmalion. The Art Club also had a discussion about ideas for projects in the future.

With a lot of returning members, as well as a large wave of new members, things are running smoothly. A returning member, Sean Roland (12) reveals what he has been working on during the time of the interviews. “So we’re painting boxes to look like books for the bookshelf,” Roland says. After some further elaboration, Sean said that they would also be working on a fireplace. It looks like Pygmalion is going to have a good appearance when it comes to props and set pieces.

When asked about future Art Club projects, Bruce Breeden (Art Club Sponsor, Art Teacher) had some ideas. Breeden says, “I would really love to do some more outright art, to do some more murals around town.” Other members of the Art Club were looking forward to some of the other projects such as the Haunted Hayride and the Musical.

A new member, Connor Smith (9) was interviewed to see what projects he looks forward to. “Helping out with the hayride this year, maybe some plays as well,” Smith says. Connor plans to stay in the Art Club for all four years to see where he can help out.

Trinity Roland (11) and Ruth Scott (11) talked about the club itself. Ruth says, “It is like a really good community, and everyone gets along and gets things done by working together.” These two have been in the Art Club since their freshman year.

These students are always working hard to make these requests and projects into something that can be seen. Rylan Scott (10) says, “Sometimes it is deadlines, we have about two hours to finish this specific thing before we leave. It is kind of fun, and there is that inspiration to it.”

Charlotte Graves (12) explains why she joined the Art Club. “It is a club where people get to come together, make friends, have fun, and make art. It just seemed like my thing,” Charlotte says. Even after a year of inactivity, the Art Club is ready for every project, just as they always have been.