Going for the Goal

Emily Bjornberg, Staff Writer

Carterville Boys soccer is back after having no season last year. The Boys soccer had a come back and ended up as a  Conference team and winning the SIRR Conference title. The boys had a record of 7 wins, 1 loss and a non – conference win over Marion High School.

Burke Lange (11)  joined the team his freshman year, and he has always been into soccer so when he had the opportunity to play in high school, he took it. Burke says “Since I took that opportunity freshman year I have never looked back.”

The head coach for the Carterville Boys Soccer team, Chip Lennox,  gave his thoughts on the season, the team, and how the class of 2022 are stepping up on and off the field. Coach Lennox says “Overall the season was a success with all players showing dedication to teammates both on and off the field.” The goal for the team this season was to win the SIRR Conference. Coach Lennox also stated that “the seniors have been with the team since freshman year and they will be missed.” 

The boys soccer ended their season with  7 wins, 1 loss and a win over Marion. They  will have a quick turnaround with the season because the 2021 – 2022 season will start up in August. The boys also ended the season with a Conference Title.  


“Lions on three, one! two! three! LIONS!”