Fine Arts at Its Finest: Charlie Hagen

There are many voices involved in fine arts programs at CHS but the most memorable by far is the voice of senior, Charlie Hagen. He has been in eight shows just at Carterville and eight outside of Carterville schools, for a total of 16, 17 when our spring musical, Seussical the Musical, comes later this semester. But Charlie doesn’t only do plays and musicals, he’s also a member of Pride of the Lions marching band, and Carterville’s choir.

When asked what his favorite aspect of fine arts was he said, “My favorite part of being involved with fine arts is the friendships and memories that I have made.” Charlie has been in Carterville plays since he was in sixth grade but has been doing plays elsewhere since he was ten years old. His favorite musical he’s been in was when he played, the angel, Clarence in the musical It’s a Wonderful Life. When asked what his favorite of the fine arts is he replied, “I would say participating in musicals is my favorite just because there is a little bit of everything. I get to sing and act while being surrounded by other fine arts like the band and work of the artists that do set and prop decorating.”

Charlie is a textbook definition of a people person; he uses the arts to meet new people and spend time with old friends. “I don’t only participate in shows, choir, and band to do it, but to also get to know people that I wouldn’t know otherwise.” Because of this, Charlie’s presence is known around the school, and students enjoy his company. Charlie isn’t just well known in our school, he has performed in theaters throughout southern Illinois. He is seen as an inspiration to the underclassmen at our school, many students involved in theater and choir would not be in these programs without his inspiration.

Freshman Zoey Finney said, ‘If want me to be completely honest, I can’t describe Charlie in only one word, it takes a lot more than that.”

So many students at Carterville agree, Charlie Hagen is one of the most memorable voices at our school. Be sure to go watch him and other students preform in the spring musical, Seussical the Musical.