Tik Tok on the Clock : Our Last Homecoming


Taylor Wallace, Staff Writer

What’s Up With the Class of 2020?

Rock of Ages

The 2019 school year has begun to fly by and it is that time again. It is a time of fun, laughter, healthy competition, and dancing. Homecoming was upon Carterville High School this past week and Senior students brought their A-Game for dressing up for Spirit week. The week started with Hawiian vs. Gothic Day, where we saw a battle between two very different styles. On Tuesday, the student body went western with Country vs. Country Club day. Wednesday brought a lot of pink to the high school as the senior class dressed out for color day. Rock vs. Rap was Thursday’s theme day and many bands and singers were represented. The end of the week brought spirit day pep rally, along with the parade, and later the homecoming game against Sparta, which brought a Lions win.  


We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

There is an app that is taking social media by storm recently. Tik Tok is a lip syncing app that is very highly rated among teens today. As part of a last homecoming goodbye, senior girls decided to leave the week with a twist. While in PE with Mrs. Webb, a few of the senior girls came up with the idea after getting inspiration through the app. Madelyn Shepard, when asked about the process of recruiting the senior girls, said, “Some were hesitant but I am glad that a lot of people were excited about it and I am glad that we could include everyone.” Through a series of mashups and silly dances, the girls competed in Carterville’s talent competition, in which they placed 4th out of 4 acts. “It could have gone better, I don’t think we were prepared enough for the event, but it was a lot of fun. I’m just glad that most of the senior girls were able to come together for a good laugh.” Says Senior Paige Hunt about the outcome of the dance. While the dance was not rated highly among the judge panel, everyone could tell the hard work and enthusiasm of each student participating and it will be a memory that the class will never forget. 

Dance the Night Away

The week ended with a rockin’ night that brought many smiles to students faces. The much awaited Homecoming Dance began with a coronation ceremony at 6:00 pm in the auditorium where Queen Julia Stroud and King Trevor Lynch were crowned and given their titles. “The first thing that came to mind (when crowned) was ‘oh man, how am I going to get this other crown off of my head’ and I was terrified that I was going to fall down the stairs. I can not believe that I actually won, my mom had actually put her phone away and both her and I could not process that my name had just been called.” Says the Queen about her first thoughts after her name was announced. After coronation, the dance followed where dressed up students and their dates had a night of fun and dancing. While many did not like the music very much, students still had a nice time and the seniors will always have a good memory of the senior song, where the whole class came together in a group hug. Overall, the week was a success and the senior class made many memories as they said goodbye to Carterville Homecoming’s as a whole.