Book Review: Throne of Glass By Taylor Wallace

Taylor Wallace, Staff Writer

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Book Review of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

    Celaena Sardothien is a pretty average 18 year old girl, except for the fact that she is the Adarlan assassin, the most brutal and well know assassin in the lands of Adarlans rule. In the past year, Celaena has been faced with the fact that the person that raised her since a young girl, betrayed her and landed her in the worst prison camp in Adarlan. Celaena is one of the longest surviving prisoners in the prison mine camp, Endovier. As readers meet Celaena, the main character has almost reached the end of her short life, and is ready to accept death at whatever point. However, Celaena is met with a choice: she can stay and die in Endovier or she can compete to become the King of Adarlan’s Champion. Celaena chooses to compete after being promised her freedom in the future, however this means that she will have to come face to face with the wicked man that killed her family and burned her country to the ground.

    Additionally, Dorian Hallivard is the crown prince of Adarlan. Upon meeting the well known Celaena, and transporting her to his home under a fake name, he knows he is in for a wild adventure. Celaena winning is the factor riding on his straining relationship with his father, the King of Adarlan, whom is already questioning Dorian’s loyalty. However, as Dorian gets to know the Adarlan assassin more and more, he begins to see her as a real person, not just the cold-blooded killer that everyone thinks she is. Dorian begins to think that just maybe he could have a hope with the person he should stay far away from. But with the stress of the King’s rule, his mother’s pressure for marrying, and the princess of an opposing country in his midst, Dorian is growing up faster than he thought possible.

    Chaol Westfall is the esteemed Captain of the King’s Royal Guard. Something interests him about the assassin as soon as he lays eyes on her in the depths of Endovier. Something that he does not know if good or bad. When asked to help in the training of Dorian’s Champion he agrees, but only because his best friend asked it of him. As training begins, and Chaol begins to get to know Celaena, he must find it in himself to keep his feelings out of the light and bury them where no one can find them. But as the competition begins, weird, unexplained disappearances and deaths of the competitors set the Captain on high alert and in a fit of chance he must figure out who he can trust. On top of all of his kingdom duties, Chaol must watch as his best friend grows feelings for the new and mysterious girl that he met and began to fall for in Endovier.

    Nehemia Ytger is the secretive rebel princess of Eyllwe. Upon her arrival to the castle in Adarlan, the country that has overthrown her kingdom, she meets Celaena and instantly becomes friends with the assassin. Keeping her work hidden to save her people was supposed to be an easy task, but with the King’s minions breathing down her back and a killer on the loose, Nehemia has to be careful, not for herself but for her people. Celaena becomes the only person she can trust, leading to protection, a bit of magic, and a very ancient secret that could mean life or death.

    The four cross paths in different ways and must learn if trust is greater than fear in this bestselling book by author Sarah J. Maas. In the first edition of the Throne Of Glass series, readers are introduced to a far off world that was once a happy, magic-filled place, and are greeted by very different and amazing characters that bring the book to life. This book will keep readers on their toes in a crazy, mysterious, and action filled story of love, betrayal, and self recognition.

Personally, I give this book a 4 out of 5 rating. The works of the author are highly seen in writing style and character development. The books in the Throne of Glass series broadcast the amazing gift Sarah J. Maas possesses for writing. Due to the fact that since reading this book, I have read the next two books in the series, I gave a 4 out of 5. The following books continue the story and are more focused around the side plots of Throne of Glass that keep the book mysterious. Although the first installment of the series is amazing, I find the later books even better and definitely recommend this book to anyone, boy or girl, who enjoys mystery or fantasy.


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