How it Feels to Be a Younger Sibling

Macey Keim, Staff Writer

From the time they are born, younger siblings are all different types of toys. Sometimes it’s great, but other times it can be the worst of experiences. Typically, younger siblings don’t get to make many decisions, they get told what to do, and are yelled at for the smallest things.

There are some upsides to having an older sibling, one being that you get to bend the rules. By the time parents have had the youngest kid they are already practiced parents. Having already set ground rules with the oldest child, they are much more laid back and lenient about pretty much everything by the time the youngest is born. Not only that, but you also always have someone to look up to. Having an older sibling gives you someone who you can talk to about all situations with no judgement.

Although, where there is upsides, there are many downsides. Many parents have expectations for their children, and having an older sibling may influence those expectations for the worse. Having good grades and good behavior is a big part of the expectations of parents, so ff your older sibling is very smart, you’re expected to also do very well in school. Not only that, but if your sibling is respectful and polite then you’re expected to follow in their footsteps and be the best of the best. Your own expectations can be influenced by your older siblings as well. You see how much they succeed and you want to also be that successful in hopes to fill their shoes.

In my opinion, the worst thing about having an older sibling is being in school with them, and having to deal with all their issues. You’re known as “so and so’s little sibling”. Teachers set standards for you, comparing you to the behavior and grades of your sibling and occasionally call you by the wrong name. Along with that, your family tends to pick on you especially at school, whether that be them yelling your name through the hallway or getting pushed while standing at your locker.

Personally I find having an older sibling very annoying. I constantly get called “Caylah’s little sister,” and I get judged off of what she does. If someone does not like her, they do not like me either. I set myself up with standards because I want to make my parents as proud as Caylah makes them. I will admit that I get to bend the rules but my younger sibling do too.

To get another opinion on the topic i interviewed freshman, Grace Baker. Grace is the youngest child of three kids. To start off I asked her what the benefits of being the youngest child is, “I get to do what I want most of the time, I get spoiled, and my older brother always has to drive me wherever I want to go,” Grace explained. Lastly, I asked her what the biggest downsides of being the youngest is also “I really do not like how my older siblings tease me all the time. They gang up on me most of the time. The biggest downside to being the littlest I think is having to live up to my sister and brothers expectations,” Said Grace. All in all Grace and I had most of the same opinions on being a younger sibling.

When I asked Caylah Keim, my older sister, how she felt about being the oldest she said “Since I am the oldest I always have to drive everyone around and I am held up to very high expectations, but I get to make my siblings do whatever I want. My parents don’t really pay attention to me and I always have someone to bully.” It seems as if there are advantages and disadvantages to being both a younger sibling and a older sibling. In the end, it is just fine being a younger sibling. You learn to deal with your older sister or brother, and learn important traits throughout that journey.