7 Reasons To Join The Science Club

Chelsea Chartrau, Staff Writer

Carterville High School has a great number of clubs. Even outsiders looking in would be impressed. After hearing that, the first extracurricular that comes to mind probably isn’t the science club. But with a little digging and research we found 7 reasons why you should give Science Club a try.

     1. The Fun Experiments

Some would say this is the best part of Science Club. You will get to experiment with a wide variety of media. Examples include egg drops, mouse trap race cars, making your very own borax crystals, and even creating car motors. If you have any ideas, Science Club meets every other Wednesday and is more than willing to listen.

     2. New Perspectives

The Science Club can really give you a new outlook on certain areas in your life, be it a discussion you have during a meeting or going through the steps of an experiment. Erica Hansen, the president of the club, shares “[You] will gain more than just knowing about science. [You’ve] gained friendships and knowledge.”  The club offers more than facts about science, but gives the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the world and to create lasting bonds.

     3. The Subject Science Itself

Science itself is fascinating, and the club will only expand on that topic. The members can gather together to prove or disprove theories brought to the table at their meetings. If you need an experiment to answer your questions about the world, Science Club is the place to look.

     4. Looks Great on Applications

Whether you spare much thought for college or not, it’s still looming around the corner. For some, it’s coming sooner than most. Participating in a strong academic club looks very good on applications going into a university.

     5. Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Science doesn’t need to be your favorite subject in order to join. Science Club isn’t too demanding of your schedule, either. As Mrs. Avery, the teacher for physical science and physics, says, “You don’t even need to come to every meeting to be a part of the club.” The program can be a great way of getting out of your comfort zone without too much pressure being involved.

     6. The Club Members

The group of teens who make up the Science Club all seem to be very excited, and that affects the club environment as well. Everyone seems happy to learn and ready to have fun. Kami Glasser, a freshman and someone new to the science club had this to say after the first meet up. “The atmosphere was really positive, everyone that was there was happy to be there. Plus the members were friendly and welcoming.”

     7. It’s Good, Simple Fun

Science Club won’t be everyone’s thing. It really comes down to you. In my opinion,  Science Club is just a place to relax and have fun. Stop by for a visit and check things out. There is no pressure to join right away.  


Now if you found anything I just said interesting at all, go for it. Remember there’s nothing to commit to right away. Just check it out! You never know; you might love it. As Mr. Dunn, one of the science club sponsors, says, “Science can be simple, safe, and fun.”