Emir Sensini Comes to Carterville!

Teresa Pender, Staff Writer

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Emir Sensini is a Latin Contemporary Christian song artist  from Argentina. Some of his hit songs include “Solo Tú Sacias Mi Vida”, “Eres Tú”, and his most known song “Soy Feliz”. Emir visited Carterville High School on Friday, March 9th, 2018. It was his second time here in Carterville and he put on an amazing show! But sadly, it was the last time for a while, that Emir will have stopped in Carterville as he is going to stop touring. He will be taking a break from music to focus on his family and faith.

Spanish students from Carterville and Southern Illinois had a phenomenal time singing and dancing along with Emir. Sophomore, Toby Farrar, says, “It was a great experience!” Emir put on a show to remember. He even pulled a few students from the crowd to participate in the show. His concerts and music help to bring those listening together. Sophomore Megan Barton said of the concert, “It was a really good time and I made lots of memories.”  Emir has brought so much joy to Carterville when visiting; he will be missed next year. We love you Emir!