Summer Activities

Alyssa Leapley, staff writer

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Everyone has experienced the boredom that comes along on those slow summer days. Instead of eating and playing Xbox all day, go enjoy some inexpensive activities.

Summer is a time to enjoy your break off of school and have fun with all of the people you care about. Giant City State Park is a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend quality time with family and friends. Take a hike on one of their many, trails, or explore the little creatures hanging in the creeks. Pack a lunch, have a picnic, go hiking, enjoy the scenery, etc. Giant City is a lot of fun, especially during the summer.
While you are enjoying the nature at Giant City Park, a tasty ice cream shop located up the road in Makanda Boardwalk. The Makanda Boardwalk has a few unique shops and an ice cream shop. The Boardwalk has a chilled atmosphere and the people around are all kind and personable. The Boardwalk is a just what you need during the hot weather.
On a hot, boring summer day, the Kinkaid Lake Spillway is a perfect place to go. With a beautiful waterfall and a lake above for swimming, the Spillway will never disappoint. The Spillway is a perfect location for a relaxing summer day with a group of friends. Have fun, lay back, and enjoy the atmosphere.
Summer break is the time to go on adventures, and be curious. One location in particular is a perfect match. Bell Smith Springs, located in Ozark Illinois is a beautiful place to destress and relax. The beautiful water and relaxing environment is the ideal place to let all of your worries go. Go swimming, get your summer tan, and enjoy summer break.
Instead of wasting your summer break away sleeping and playing on your phone all day everyday, enjoy yourself and have sun before the next school year starts.

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Summer Activities