Shrek the Musical

Alexis Nolan, Staff Writer

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Everyone knows all about the amazing, Oscar winning, Dreamworks film, Shrek the Musical. This is the Carterville High School’s 2018 spring musical.  Shrek the Musical brings the favorite characters in the movie to life on the stage. The musical is able to give the viewer more perspectives on the relationships throughout the musical.

Shrek the Musical had auditions two weeks ago, and are starting practices this week. During the audition process, there were many emotions swirling about. Ashlyn Mavigliano who had never been involved in the musical before remarked, “I was a little nervous at first, but everyone there made me feel comfortable and it became really fun”. Everyone in Shrek the Musical is incredibly warming and nice,therefore anyone interested should never hesitate to audition for any of the plays or musicals at Carterville.

During the practices, there are scheduled days for different groups and practices.If a person’s schedule is already hectic it is still an option to be able to participate in the musical, Mrs. Arnett is flexible and willing to work with those who want to be apart of it. Yet, she is also looking for dedicated hard workers who have the desire to be active in the play.

The musical is a fun and inviting opportunity to make new friends, show off some skills, and become more involved with school events. If anyone ever have any interest in joining the musical crew, talk to Mrs. Arnett or anyone involved in the musical. Mrs. Arnett says Shrek the Musical is different because “it has a great message unlike some other musicals, the message of acceptance and finding true beauty instead of superficial beauty, and the music is fun and jamming as well as the opportunity to for other characters to shine.” If acting is not the way some want to get involved, then everyone is invited to come and enjoy the story of Shrek come to life before their eyes and support the Carterville High School Arts Department.

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Shrek the Musical