Christmas in Carterville

Alyssa Leapley, Staff Writer

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On December 1st 2017, our hometown hosted their annual Christmas celebration, “Christmas in Carterville”. The event drew a lot of attention to the locals of Southern Illinois and others around the area. The event brought joy and happiness to the whole community. Many booths were set up at the event that sold holiday goods including scentsy products, winter wear, and other items to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Several businesses set up  stands with free cookies and other baked goods. At the event there were many Carterville students who were involved. One of the students, Hannah Sullivan, a junior, sang a solo that made the night even more special. “There was an amazing turnout and I got a lot of positive feedback. It was really awesome to be there to sing for the community and to spread the joy of Jesus.” Hannah described after her solo of  “How Great Thou Art”. The was also a dinner that served Chili for no cost. It was a cold night in Carterville, filled with magical carriage rides, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chili, and happiness for everyone who attended.


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Christmas in Carterville