The Trouble with North Korea: A Struggle for Freedom

Lydia Nelson, Staff Writer

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Today, the fight for true freedom is still raging in North Korea as the country’s citizens fight to stay alive within their government’s oppressive rule. North Koreans’ civil rights are extremely limited and the country itself is built around harsh laws that tear apart the citizens and their lives. Many people flee the country because of the strict rules that the government has put on its men, women, and children.

With North Korea being a communist nation, there are extremely limited opportunities for the citizens to live the lives that they want to have. The people have almost no civil rights whatsoever. Most of the people do not have the right of freedom of speech to voice their opinions on certain issues within the country. Both men and women lack the right to have access to the Internet or access to technology without government consent. The people have no freedom to practice their own religion, and most of the population of North Korea is on the brink of starvation. Citizens cannot move from the country without the government regime’s approval. Men and women are all forced to dress the same way, act alike, and overall, live the same lives as everyone else. In addition, all of the citizens have a specific family classification called “the songbun” which is an apartheid system based around family lines.  It determines what you and your family are specified as within the country. According to the Human Rights Watch, “This classification has been restructured several times, but continues to enable the government to privilege or disadvantage people based largely on family background, personal performance, and perceived political loyalty.” As a result, families are torn apart and the government continues to enforce hardship upon its people.

With the struggle for freedom raging within the country, North Koreans are trying to live their days despite having almost no civil rights. Overall, the lives of the citizens in North Korea are desperate. While Americans have fought and gained their independence and individuality, the people of North Korea are still fighting for theirs.


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The Trouble with North Korea: A Struggle for Freedom